Cage type: H type, 5 tier, 2 door, 160 birds/unit.
Chicken cage layout: 5 rows/house, 75 units/row, 375 units/house.
Size of the chicken house: 100M * 15M * 4.5M.
Total capacity of one chicken house: 60000 birds/house.

Chicken cage: 375 units.
Automatic feeding machine: 5 sets, Trolley-type, 1 set per row.
Belt manure removing system: 5sets, one set per row.
Automatic egg collecting system: 5 sets, one set per row.
Ventilation system:
  1. Cooling fan: 24 sets, size: 1.4M * 1.4M, installed on the behind of the wall.
  2. Cooling pad: 26 Pcs, size: 2.5M * 2M, installed on the front & side of the wall.
  3. Small side windows: 114 Pcs, size: 600mm * 300mm, installed on the side wall.
Environmental controlling system: 1 set.


chicken house design drawing for 60000 layers



60,000 layers in one chicken house



House design drawing for 60000 layers


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