H Type Layer Cage Installed Successfully In Kazakhstan

March 10, 2017

In March, 2017, 10,000 layers cage system installed successfully in Kazakhstan.  

This customer was introduced by our old customer, and his friend is a very successful business man by raising chicken, Installation information as below: 

Technician departure time: 6th March. 2017

Technician arrival time: 29th March. 2017

Installation time: Total 24 days. 

Chicken shed size of this customer is 58m*7m*4m (L*W*H), and he purchased 56 sets H-type 4-tire 4-door layer cages for 10752 birds, automatic egg collection system, ladder type automatic feeding machine, conveyor type manure removal system and environmental control system, cage diameter is 180cm*60cm*43cm, one set can accommodate 192 layers. 

H Type Layer Cage Installed