Installation projects in Somalia

November 12, 2018

Country: Somalia 

Destination port: Bosaso.

What he purchased is the equipment for 20,000 layers

Our customer sent us some pictures about his chicken farm.He has finished the installation about the chicken farming equipment.

According to the previous discussion,we know that the customer has two open chicken shed, and size is 70M*8M*3M(Length * Width * Height).He want to feed 20000 bird.

Our customers are very satisfied with our A-type electrostatic spraying layer chicken cages. So our designer give him a professional program accorrding to the chicken shed size.

One house holds 64 sets,the other holds 66 sets. The cage size is 1900mm*450mm*410mm holding 160 bird one set.The two house hold 20800 bird in total.

If you are interested in it, welcome to our customer's chicken farm.


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