H Type Layer Cages for 30,000 Automatic Chickens Farm in Ethiopia

June 21, 2024

This case study highlights the successful implementation of H type layer cages in a large-scale poultry farm in Ethiopia, transforming its operations and productivity.

Project Overview:

* Farm Location: Ethiopia

Chicken Type: Layers

Chicken House Type: Closed Chicken House

Breeding Scale: 30,000 Birds

Equipments: Battery Cage System in Poultry

  -- H-type layer cages

  -- Automatic feeding system

  -- Automatic drinking system

  -- Automatic manure cleaning system

  -- Automatic egg collection system

  -- Automatic environmental control system

automatic h type layer cages battery cage system in poultry

Client Requirements:

The client sought a solution that could accommodate their large number of layers, streamline their operations, and significantly increase their egg production. Their interest was piqued by the automatic H-type chicken cages known for their efficiency and ease of use.

Our Solution:

Based on customer needs, we recommend battery cage system in poultry to our customers. The automatic H-type chicken cages offer ample space for each bird, ensuring comfort and minimal stress, which is crucial for optimal egg production. The automatic feeding, egg collection, and manure cleaning systems incorporated in the cages significantly reduce labor.

Implementation Process:

Our team ensured a seamless installation process of the battery cage system in poultry. We offered comprehensive on-site training to the farm staff on the operation and management of the automatic H-type chicken cages.

Results and Benefits:

Post-installation, the farm reported a 20% increase in egg production within the first six months. The automatic features of the cages led to a 30% reduction in labor costs. The farm management also noted easier monitoring and maintenance of the flock's health and wellbeing.

Client Testimonial:

"Implementing the H type layer cages has brought about a significant positive change in our operations. We've seen a substantial increase in our egg production and a decrease in labor costs."


The successful integration of H type layer cages in this Ethiopian farm stands as a testament to the potential productivity gains achievable with the right solutions. Farms can optimize their operations, increase egg production, and reduce labor costs with our cages.