H-Type Broiler Cages for 10,000 Chickens Farm in Egypt

June 25, 2024

In Egypt's Alexandria Governorate, a 10,000 chickens capacity poultry farm, adopting H-type broiler cages, has significantly increased farm productivity.

Project Overview

  • Location: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Capacity: 10,000 broiler chickens
  • Equipment: H-type cage system for broiler chickens

H-type broiler cages

Client Requirements and Solutions Provided

The farm sought to increase the rate of weight gain and overall health of their broiler chickens while maintaining efficient operations. After a thorough assessment, our team proposed the H-type cage system for broiler chickens as the optimal solution. These cages are designed to provide ample space for each bird, reducing stress and promoting healthy growth.

Implementation Process

We arranged professional technicians to communicate with their installation team to ensure that they can correctly install the H-type broiler cages. Following a smooth installation process, the farm was fully equipped with the cage system for broiler chickens, and the staff were trained on their operation and maintenance.

Quantifiable Results and Benefits

The results were remarkable. The battery cage system for broilers led to a 25% increase in the weight gain rate of the broilers, attributed to the improved living conditions. The design of the cages also made it easier to monitor and manage the birds, leading to a significant decrease in disease outbreaks and mortality rates.

Client Testimonial

The farm owner expressed their satisfaction, stating:

"The battery cage system for broilers has revolutionized our operations. Our broilers are healthier, and the increase in weight gain has significantly boosted our profitability. We couldn't be more pleased with the results."

H-Type Broiler Cages for 10,000 Chickens Farm in Egypt


The successful implementation of the battery cage system for broilers in this Egyptian poultry farm serves as an inspiring example for other farms. With enhanced bird health, increased weight gain, and efficient operations, the H-Type Broiler Cages prove to be a powerful tool for poultry farms looking to elevate their productivity.