30,000 Broiler Cage Farm in South Africa

March 19, 2024
This 30,000 broiler cage farm in South Africa is a successful example of how battery systems can bring benefits to the chicken industry. The project aims to provide an efficient, hygienic and conducive environment for the growth of broiler chickens.
30,000 Broiler Cage Farm in South Africa
30,000 Broiler Cage Farm Project Background:
The client's farm is a family farm, and the farmer Andre wants to develop it into a modern chicken farm. However, he faced a series of challenges: traditional breeding methods were inefficient, the chickens' growing environment was poor, and resources were not fully utilized, resulting in unsatisfactory economic benefits. He learned that we are a professional broiler cage supplier that provides advanced breeding equipment and technical support. After some investigation and research, we decided to cooperate with us and introduce automatic broiler cage system to improve the current situation of the chicken farm.
Design Considerations of This 30,000 Broiler Cage Farm:
When designing this 30,000 broiler cage farm for our client, we consider the following key factors:
Space Utilization: automatic broiler cage system allows farmers to raise large numbers of broiler chickens in a limited space. Multi-level cage structures maximize the use of vertical space, allowing more broilers to be accommodated in a smaller footprint.
Feed Conversion: automatic broiler cage system provides a controlled feeding environment, reducing feed waste and improving feed conversion. Automatic feeders ensure that broilers always have access to fresh feed, maximizing nutrient absorption.
Disease Control: automatic broiler cage system isolates broiler chickens, reducing the risk of disease transmission. Each cage is equipped with an individual waterer and feeding trough, further reducing the potential for cross-contamination of pathogens.
The farm consists of a series of H-type broiler cages, 
each set of broiler cages can house to 102 chickens, totally 198 sets of H-type broiler cages in this farm. The H-type broiler cages are made from durable galvanized steel wire which can last 20 years.
The 30,000 broiler cage farm is equipped with advanced equipment, including automatic feeders, drinkers and ventilation systems. A central computer control system monitors the farm's environmental conditions to ensure that temperature, humidity and air quality are optimized.
Operational Results of This 30,000 Broiler Cage Farm:
Since operating in 2022, the farm has achieved significant operational results, including:
High feed conversion ratio: Average 1.8:1, indicating high feed utilization by broilers.
Low mortality rate: Less than 2%, thanks to highly effective disease control measures.
High Meat Production: Over 95%, thanks to a controlled environment and adequate nutrition.
In conclusion
This 30,000-bird broiler cage farm in South Africa is an example of the successful use of battery systems in modern chicken farming. By optimizing space utilization, improving feed conversion efficiency and strong disease control measures, the farm has increased production, reduced costs. The automatic broiler cage system play in meeting the growing demand for poultry farms.