15,000PCS Layer Chicken Cage Project In Thailand

March 26, 2024
This is a 15000PCS layer chicken cage project in Thailand. Customer run a layer farm with chicken cage, they already have a stock of 15,000pcs, need to expand another shed 15,000pcs.
Customer Requirement
Since Thailand's climate is characterized by high temperatures and humidity, a good ventilation system needs to be considered to ensure air circulation to help control the temperature within the chicken house. Therefore, we recommended a fully automated laying hen cage for our customers, including an automated environmental control system.
Equipment Detail For This Project
A type layer chicken cage is with hot-dip galvanizing material, it is with 275g/m2 zin rate cover, it can protect the cage from rusting for over 20 years.
This whole project is equipped with an automatic system, including:
* Chicken Cage system;
* Auto drinking system;
* Auto feeding system;
* Auto manure removal system;
* Auto environmental control system;
* Lighting system.
15,000PCS Layer Chicken Cage Project In Thailand
Advantage Of Automatic Chicken Layer Cage System:
Automatic chicken layer cage systems are usually equipped with temperature sensors and automatic adjustment systems that can monitor and maintain the temperature in the chicken house within an appropriate range. In tropical climates, this temperature control system prevents the birds from being affected by high temperatures, helping to maintain their comfort and health.
The automatic chicken layer cage system can increase egg production by optimizing the living environment and management methods of chickens. A good temperature control system ensures that chickens live in a comfortable environment, reducing stress and disease, thereby increasing egg production.
The design of the automatic chicken layer cage system also helps manage and monitor the egg production of each chicken. With an automated egg collection system, egg damage and waste can be reduced, ensuring high-quality egg collection.
In addition, automated feed and water supply systems also help ensure that chickens receive adequate nutrition and water, thereby increasing egg production and chicken production efficiency.