12000 Layers Poultry Farm in Uganda With A-type Chicken Cages

February 27, 2024
This is a 12000 layer poultry farm in Uganda that has successfully used A-type chicken cages
Farm Overview
* Venue: Kampala, Uganda
* Chicken house area: 864 square meters
* Flock size: 12,000 laying hens
* Type of chicken cages: Type A laying hen cages
The farm owner Mr. JOHNSON using traditional poultry farming methods often faced challenges related to hygiene, space constraints and disease control. In order to meet these challenges, he contacted us to order A-type chicken cages for poultry farming.
The layer poultry farm is a medium-scale operation with a capacity of 12,000 laying hens. The farm is divided into two poultry sheds, each housing 6000 hens. 
12000 Layers Poultry Farm in Uganda With A-type Chicken Cages
Benifits Analysis After Using A-type Chicken Cages for Layers:
Since adopting Type A laying hen cages, the farm has experienced several benefits, including:
Increased egg production rate: Since the A-type laying hen cage provides a more comfortable living environment for laying hens, it reduces stress and increases the egg production rate of the chickens. The original egg production rate was 65%. After using the A-type laying hen cage, the egg production rate increased to 80%.
Improved egg quality: The A-type laying hen cage adopts a fully automatic egg collection system, which reduces the egg breakage rate and improves the quality of the eggs. The damage rate was reduced from the original 5% to 2%.
Reduced feed waste: The A-type laying hen cages adopts an automatic feeding system, which reduces feed waste. The feed conversion rate increased from 2.2:1 to 2.0:1.
Reduced labor costs: The A-type laying hen cage adopts an automatic manure cleaning system, which reduces labor costs. The work that originally required 5 workers can now be completed by only 2 workers.
Improved return on investment: Due to factors such as increased egg production rate, improved egg quality, reduced feed waste, lower labor costs and other factors, the return on investment of the farm has increased from the original 10% to 15%.
This 12,000 layers poultry farm in Uganda has achieved good economic benefits by using A type chicken cages. A-type laying hen cages provide a more comfortable living environment for laying hens, reduce stress, improve the egg production rate of chickens and the quality of eggs, reduce feed waste, reduce labor costs, and increase return on investment.